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Bobcat CT4045 Tractor CT4045HST + Loader

Bobcat CT4045 Tractor CT4045HST + Loader

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Bobcat CT 4045 Tractor & Loader


Financing Available For up To 84 Months 

Introducing the CT4045 Compact Tractor, powerful and affordable 45-hp machine that can handle heavy-duty jobs with ease.

 With a 2,716-lb. 3-point hitch lift capacity and Category 1 three-point hitch, this tractor is built for attachment and implement work. Its turbo-charged engine ensures consistent high performance and impressive low-end torque, even at high altitudes.   The open workstation with Roll-Over Protective Structure allows for easy attachment changes and project checks.

 You can choose between hydrostatic or manual synchro shuttle transmission, and the linked pedal lever option on the hydrostatic model provides a car-like feel.

 Standard four-wheel drive and rear PTO provide the traction and power you need for tough jobs, with an optional mid-PTO available on hydrostatic models. With the CT4045, you can easily haul heavy materials, clear paths, mow your property, and dig holes for fences or trees.

Ct4045 Bobcat Tractors


 Bobcat CT4045 Tractor Options & Specs

Specification CT4045 HST CT4045 SST
Horsepower 44.9 hp 44.9 hp
Lift Capacity 2,716 lb 2,716 lb
PTO HP 32.8 hp 41.6 hp
Transmission 3-Range HST Manual 8x8 synchro
Width 69.8 in 69.8 in
Turning Radius 8' 7" 8' 7"
Wheelbase 5' 11" 5' 11"
Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4 Tier 4
Displacement 111 in³ 111 in³
Number of Cylinders 3 3
Gross HP 44.9 hp 44.9 hp
Engine Model 3FT-TL4 3FT-TL4
Operating Weight 3,745 lb 3,745 lb
Travel Speed 18.5 mph 17.5 mph
Travel Speed - Reverse 12.9 mph 17 mph
3-Point Hitch Category 1 Category 1
3-pt Lift Control Type Hydraulic Position Control System Hydraulic Position Control System
Rear PTO System Independent Independent
Rear PTO - RPM 540 540
Mid PTO - RPM 2119 2119
Fuel Tank 12.7 gal 11.9 gal
Implement Hydraulic Flow 9.6 gal/min 9.6 gal/min
Total Hydraulic Flow 16.5 gal/min 14.1 gal/min
Steering Hydraulic Flow 6.9 gal/min 4.5 gal/min
Brake Type Wet Multi Disc Wet Multi Disc
Length 125.5 in 125.5 in
Height 97.4 in 97.4 in
Ground Clearance 15.3 in 15.3 in
Front Tire Size Front Industrial (AG, Turf) 10-16.5 (8-16, 29X12.5-15) Front Industrial (AG, Turf) 10-16.5 (8-16, 29X12.5-15)
Rear Tire Size Rear Industrial (AG, Turf) 17.5-24 (13.6-24, 44X18-20) Rear Industrial (AG, Turf) 17.5-24 (13.6-24, 44X18-20)
Loader Lift Height 8' 8" 8' 8"
Lift Capacity at Bucket Pivot 1,795 lb 1,795 lb
Bucket Width 5' 6" 5' 6"
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