Collection: Compact Wheel Loaders

 Bobcat® compact wheel loaders are the ultimate solution for tackling tough jobs with ease and precision. These machines combine outstanding material-handling capabilities, high maneuverability, and impressive performance, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. With a high bucket capacity, remarkable lift height, and exceptional stability, Bobcat compact wheel loaders excel in material handling tasks.

 The Power Bob-Tach® System offers versatility, enabling quick and easy attachment integration for maximum productivity. Articulated steering ensures efficient obstacle navigation, making them ideal for tight spaces and crowded job sites. Operators can adapt performance with 2-speed control, and the pressurized cab provides all-day comfort and low noise levels.

 Bobcat equips these loaders with powerful Tier 4 engines, achieving emissions compliance without complicated maintenance. Multi-carrier versatility further enhances productivity. In conclusion, Bobcat compact wheel loaders are powerful, versatile, and efficient machines, perfect for boosting productivity on construction projects.