Top 5 Most Common Bobcat Ct1025 Problems & Fixes

Author: James Buckwalter

Bobcat CT1025 Problems & Fixes

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 Are you considering the Bobcat ct1025 for your next tractor? While it offers many advantages over most subcompact tractors, there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on using it long-term. Here are a few common problems that Bobcat owners have had, and and some solutions that Bobcat and Bobcat dealers implemented to fix them:

  • Starting issues: this can be frustrating and time-consuming, but fortunately, it's typically an easy problem to solve.
  • Defective tires: tread and sidewall damage can slow you down on the farm or fieldwork.
  • Damaged braking seals: this can affect your ability to stop effectively, creating a potential safety hazard.
  • Battery charging error and battery failure. 

Despite these potential problems, troubleshooting and solving them is typically straightforward. However, finding spare parts may be challenging. Here is a detailed rundown of the issues, solutions, and replacement costs you should be aware of when it comes to the Bobcat ct1025.

Here is The Top 5 Most Common Bobcat Ct1025 Issues & Fixes

  1. 50 hours Fuel Pump Relay failure. Several Bobcat CT1025 owners, have experienced issues with starting the tractor, particularly after extended loader use. The dealership tested and checked over the tractor, stating that they suspected a faulty relay. Ultimately, after replacing the fuel pump relay, the issue was resolved and the tractor started without issues.
  2. 125 hour Defective Tire failure. In 2022 we saw several rear tire problems on the CT1025 with R4 tread tires. This was because of a faulty rubber mixer at the company plant where Bobcat buys the tires for the Bobcat Ct1025. In these cases Bobcat provided replacement tires under warranty
  3. 100 hours defective battery. We have seen several bad batteries over the past several years on the CT1025. This is not a Bobcat company issue, and has more to do with how long the tractor sat on the dealer lot or at the manufacture before being installed in the tractor. Bobcat's warranty has covered this every time it has occurred. It is highly recommended to use a trickle charger to maintain the tractor's battery in-between uses. I like the NOCO GENIUS10
  4. 250 hour Transmission Brake Shaft Seal Leak. A few and far between problem, and has only been found in tractors used in corrosive or acidic applications, like fertilizer spreading, or chemical spraying.
  5. Operator Error. Most often the problems we see on the Bobcat CT1025 are for ignorance. We have seen several times, where customers have ran their tractors for extended time without air filters in machine. Their reason... " It looked clogged, and thought that might be why it was bogging down and didn't have power." You can fix a lot of things, but you cant fix stupid.