The Bobcat AT450 Compact Articulated Tractor

All-New BOBCAT AT450: Unleash Your Power and Versatility

Bobcat At450 with upgrade loader control arm

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The new Bobcat AT450 draws heavily from the Steiner At 450 and previous Steiner models, due to Doosan's (Bobcat's parent company) acquisition of Steiner in 2020. 

  Who is the Bobcat AT450 for? 

 - Municipal Grounds Management. Particularly Sports and Parks. 

- Golf Courses And Private Sports Fields.

- Ranch and Large Home Owners 

 What is the Number 1 benefit of the Bobcat AT450?

- The #1 benefit of the Bobcat AT450 is the ability to be able to easily multiple attachments quickly and operate the attachments with ease. An example of this is how smoothly and easily the At450 moves from a mowing deck to the front loader bucket. Lets be honest, mowing the yard with a regular sub compact tractor is a pain in the behind! But a sub compact is a super handy tool for other attachments. The Bobcat AT450 lets you keep all the benefits of a sub compact tractor, while also allowing you to increase productivity when using it in tight spaces and in tasks that require a lot of turning, like mowing the yard. 


Here's The Bobcat AT450 

Step into the future of agricultural innovation with the groundbreaking release of the BOBCAT AT450, a true game-changer in the world of articulating tractors. Freshly unveiled in early 2023, this magnificent machine is poised to revolutionize grounds maintenance, material handling, and snow removal like never before.

At the heart of the AT450 lies the formidable Kubota WG972 3-cylinder gasoline engine, generating a staggering 32.5 horsepower. With its four-wheel drive system, this beast conquers any terrain with unwavering determination, effortlessly climbing slopes of up to 30 degrees. The AT450's prowess knows no bounds.

But power is just the beginning of this remarkable story. The BOBCAT AT450 comes equipped with a standard front-mounted loader, ready to take on any challenge. And that's not all! This workhorse can be customized with a diverse array of attachments, tailored to suit your specific needs. From backhoes to sweepers, snowplows to aerators, the AT450 empowers you to adapt and thrive in any task at hand.

Prepare to be captivated by the AT450's exceptional features, setting it apart from the rest:

  1. Articulating Frame: Unlock the ability to navigate tight spaces and seamlessly follow the natural contours of the ground. Whether you're tending to flourishing gardens, maintaining picturesque parks, or crafting immaculate walkways, the AT450's articulating frame effortlessly adapts to confined areas, allowing you to work with precision and finesse.

  2. Four-Wheel Drive: Embrace unparalleled traction, irrespective of weather conditions or uneven terrains. The AT450's four-wheel drive system ensures your safety and reliability, enabling you to conquer any landscape with the utmost confidence. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace endless possibilities.

  3. Payload Capacity: With an impressive payload capacity of 1,200 pounds, the AT450 fearlessly tackles an extensive range of tasks. From loading and unloading materials to moving debris and clearing snow, this powerhouse is your reliable partner in all things heavy-duty, delivering exceptional performance when it matters most.

  4. Tow Capacity: The AT450 boasts a remarkable tow capacity of 2,500 pounds, granting you the freedom to tow trailers and other equipment with ease. Seamlessly transition from one job to another, unleashing the full potential of this versatile machine across various tasks and industries.

  5. Standard Front-Mounted Loader: Effortlessly load and unload materials, while leveraging the versatility of the AT450's front-mounted loader. Seamlessly transition from one task to another, whether it's moving debris or clearing snow, all with the utmost efficiency and convenience.

  6. Wide Range of Attachments: Adaptability is the cornerstone of the AT450's design. Harness the true potential of this powerhouse by selecting from an extensive range of attachments. From backhoes to sweepers, snowplows to aerators, the AT450 stands ready to conquer any challenge, no matter how diverse or demanding.

The BOBCAT AT450 stands tall as an unrivaled tractor, blending power, versatility, and innovation into a single extraordinary package. It's the perfect choice for businesses and homeowners alike, seeking a machine that can handle a multitude of jobs with grace and precision.