Bobcat Mt100 Mini Skid Loader - 5 Minute Review

Author: James Buckwalter

bobcat mt100 specs

 Bobcat Mt100 Mini Skid Loader - 5 Minute Review

The Bobcat Mt100 mini track loader is one of the most sought after mini track loaders in the industry. Here is my 5 minute review after operating the Mt100, plus I've included all the Bobcat Mt100 specs listed above, and the Bobcat Mt100's pros & cons. 

 My review will cover the machine's features in detail, hydraulics, controls, and other specifications. Let's dive right in.

First up, let's take a walk around the machine and discuss its controls. The analog displays include the throttle, attempt, fuel, and battery. The hydraulic controls and parking brake are located on the floor, and there are two extra switches that you can use. The machine also includes a cup holder and a phone/tool holder for convenience. The pads are not overly soft, but they are present to minimize vibrations while in use.

Moving to the operational side, the MT 100 comes with a 44-inch general-purpose bucket, a set of pallet forks, and a trailer hitch. The hydraulic couples flow about 12 gallons per minute, making it a great machine to use for a broom or grapple. The poly hood is quite sturdy, and the guard in the front protects the hydraulics from any brush or rocks. The machine also has counterweights on each side that can be swapped to the back. The sealed rollers eliminate the need for manual maintenance, and the machine sits in oil at all times.

Under the hood, we find a 24 horsepower diesel Kubota motor, with access ports down below for maintenance purposes. There is a service schedule that runs every 10 hours, and tie-down points, as well as other helpful information, are listed.

Pros and Cons of the Bobcat MT 100. My main and most noticeable con of the MT100 is that the bump pads in the back are quite solid, making for a slightly uncomfortable experience when bumped around. Softer pad options, would be a great accessory for either Bobcat or any aftermarket company to provide. 

On the pros side, the machine performs well and the hydraulics operate, silky smooth, with no stuck moments and can handle heavy lifts. The operator plate does not have a sensor, allowing you to operate the machine even while off it.

In conclusion, the Bobcat MT 100 is a well-performing machine with some minor faults. However, its features and specs make it the hands down the best mini skid to have for various tasks.